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Used Ford for Sale near Yakima


Used Ford for Sale near Yakima

For whatever the reason, you may not be able to or want to afford a brand new vehicle, but that doesn't mean that when you go shopping for a pre-owned vehicle you should ever have to compromise on purchasing a vehicle that is less than quality. That's why the Bud Clary Auto Group has a great solution for you, a Used Ford for Sale near Yakima can offer you not only a great looking vehicle, but also one that runs perfectly at a great price.

With many different makes and models to choose from, when you shop with us, you will find that whatever you are looking for, we probably have it sitting in our inventory. From the Ford Focus and Fusions sedans to the Ford Edge crossovers and F-150 pick-up trucks and more, if you just come and check us out, we will find that perfect vehicle for you.

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When you come and shop with us we want you to become a return customer, and we know if you leave here happy with the vehicle you purchased we will see you again. So when you come and look at a Used Ford for Sale near Yakima, you will be only looking at the ones that you want. We will never try to sell you on something that does not fit your budget or your lifestyle. If you need a sedan that is easy to get in-and-out of while offering you good power and great gas mileage, we will find you that sedan.

If you need a crossover that can fit you, your kids and a bunch of groceries, while still offering you the option of plenty of cargo space, we will find you one of those as well. Maybe it's a larger truck or a mini-van; whatever it is you are after, we guarantee we will do our best to find that vehicle for you at the best price possible.

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Every Used Ford for Sale near Yakima that sits on our lot is ready for a long life on the road. When a used vehicle comes to us, before we put it up for sale, our qualified technicians will re-condition the vehicle from top to bottom. Every sedan, truck, crossover, etc., gets the same treatment. From cosmetic and mechanical to technology and safety, we guarantee that when you buy a vehicle from us, everything is working perfectly and looking great.

Here at the Bud Clary Auto Group we encourage you to come and check out a Used Ford for Sale near Yakima and see how great they really are. We are open seven days a week for your convenience. We are located at 2230 Longfibre Ave. Union Gap, WA 98903.

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