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Used Car Dealer in Yakima


Used Car Dealer in Yakima

The Bud Clary Auto Group should be your first and only stop if you want to work with a reliable Used Car Dealer in Yakima. Our talented staff has helped thousands of buyers get into a vehicle that suits their long and short-term needs. The staff at the Bud Clary Auto Group will help you with every step of the buying process, from securing financing to service after the sale.

Used Car Dealer Staff

Bud Clary Auto Group has an outstanding selection of vehicles, so whether it is a Ford, Chevrolet or Nissan you can find what you want. Bud Clary Auto Group has a wide array of vehicles including ones with high and low-mileage. TWe employ a talented and dedicated staff so they will be able to get a better value. The Bud Clary Auto Group is the perfect Used Car Dealer in Yakima, particularly if you are looking for strong service after the sale. The talented maintenance department will be able to come up with a service plan that protects your vehicle from any kind of damage.

Financing via Our Used Car Dealer in Yakima

If you want to secure financing for your next vehicle, there are a few easy steps you can take to make yourself a better loan candidate. When you are pre-applying for a loan you should have an up-to-date credit report. Thoroughly check your credit report because even one error could cost you thousands of dollars. A dealer like Bud Clary Auto Group is perfect because they work with a variety of lenders so even if you have a poor credit history they will be able to help you. After you have gotten financing make sure to only stick with a vehicle you can afford. This will ensure that you stay within your price range and you are not hurting your long term financial plans. Submitting your monthly payment on time can raise your credit score in as little as six months. You should never have to settle for your next vehicle. If you want to be an educated consumer, you should take a few steps to find a car the better suits you. Always thoroughly check the exterior of your vehicle, seeing if it has rust or if the paint is chipped. When test-driving the vehicle make sure to notice how it handles. If the vehicle does not stop properly or stutters, it could be the sign of a deeper issue. Finally, make sure to work with a reliable Used Car Dealer in Yakima like the Bud Clary Auto Group. Not only do they have an outstanding selection, but an experienced staff that will get you the financing you deserve.

If you want a better value when it comes time to secure your next vehicle head over to the Bud Clary Auto Group. They have an outstanding inventory so no matter what you are looking for, they have you covered. Bud Clary serves a variety of customers from Warden, Ephrata, Soap Lake and Castle Rock.

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